Handmade Soap

Wild Suds’ soaps are handmade in small batches and carefully formulated to benefit your skin. We do not use artificial colours and fragrances in our soaps instead we use botanicals and other carefully selected ingredients.

Soap Ranges:
Scented Soaps | Fruits, Flowers, Seeds and Herbs | Oil Only Soaps | Unscented Soaps


Where History, Chemistry and Art Converge

The history of soap dates back hundreds of years. Originally it was made using lye from wood fire ash and fats. In fact the methods used for soap making have not changed much since then. Only now instead of using lye from ash we use purified lye (sodium or potassium hydroxide) to make our soaps.

The chemical changes that take place when fats and oils react with lye is called saponification. The conditioning substance Glycerine and Soap are produced in the reaction.

The art of creating a great soap formula is to combine ingredients to produce the perfect cleansing, conditioning lather.  The oils that form the soap together with the botanicals and other ingredients make a big difference to the soap’s character. Each ingredient and their properties are discussed on our ingredient profile pages.

Our Pledge:

  • All the oils used to make Wild Suds soap are organic.
  • Wild Suds’ soap bars do not contain any artificial colours or fragrances.
  • Plants, essential oils and other ingredients are added to Wild Suds’ soaps to give the soaps their unique characters.
  • Wild Suds soaps use no palm oil. We always aim to source the products used to make our soap in the most environmentally sustainable way.
  • Wild Suds’ product packaging does not contain any plastic. We post your orders using plastic free packaging as well.