Olive Tree

Latin Name: Olea europaea

Olive oil from the olive plant has been treasured since ancient greek times. Vials of olive oil were given as prizes in the olympics and used as a fuel for olympic flame. The olympic athletes in ancient greece would cover their bodies in the oil to protect themselves from the sun. The oil could not be afforded by everyone and was highly treasured:

The boy [Telemachus] went downstairs, to his father’s storeroom, wide and high-roofed, piled high with gold and bronze and clothes in chests and fragrant olive oil (Odyssey II: 339)

The different oils used in soap making alter the soap’s texture, the lather and the cleaning action of the soap. Olive oil in a soap forms a creamy dense lather. Soap made with only olive oil have small bubbles with a creamy consistency. The soap formed from olive oil is very conditioning with a mild cleaning action.

Image By Sputnikcccp at the English language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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